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.com. >>> new details about paris hilton's arhett on cocaine charges in las vegas. police stopped the car hilton was riding in friday after they smelled what they believed was marijuana coming from the vehicle. when the socialite stepped out of the suv, a crowd began to gathering taking picture. paris asked for privacy. a police lieutenant took her into the security office at a nearby resort and here's what happened next. >> while in the security office she ex-extraed a tube of lip balm from her purse. a plastic bindle contain cocaine fell from her purse in view of the lieutenant. the substance subsequently tested positive as cocaine. >> if convicted the hotel heiress would get probation. >>> we'll return to new orleans for tamron hall's interview wit members of the marsalis family and the effort to preserve the crescent city's rich, musical heritage. you're wanting "msnbc sunday."to . yea, i know. well... did you see that? my mom just took a bite of my kraft macaroni and cheese. just wait she'll do it again. i mean who am i because i'm not saying that i did it perfectly either, but, i don't kno
storms are churning their way to the coast. and paris hilton arrested again. this time on the vegas strip. still to come what police found that caused them to throw the heiress in jail. >> have to find some way to maintain some relevancy in our life. in addition to tropics i'm watching the heat. we're headed into the 90s for five days in a row. i've got your weather scoop. hakim, what do you have. >> paris hilton has no relevancy in my life but that's not here. whatever. we'll talk about sports instead. team usa basketball poses its will in the fiba world championships. plus the redskins defense shows why it's one of the best in the league against . >>> tomorrow marks the five year anniversary of hurricane katrina, today much of the gulf coast is a little stronger than even before that storm hit. the population of new orleans is back to about 90% of what it was before katrina. the school system and health care system across southern louisiana has been restructured. tens of thousands of homes have been rebuilt. some levees are now stronger. >>> undeniable, the city is in better shape than
around the globe. my name is mike embley. coming up later for you -- . why in these paris bees are faring better tn their country cousins? >> [unintelligible] >> from the source to the ec, meet the first man to track -- from the source and to the sea, meet the first man to track the entire amazon river. hello to you. the war crimes trial of the former liberian president charles taylor to another dramatic turn. last week miami campbell testified about a gift of -- naomi campbell testified that a gift of diamonds. this was flatly contradicted in testimony today. we have this. >> what really happened at nelson mandela's charity dinner? is the evidence proved that charles taylor was trading illegal diamonds for weapons? >> i solemnly swear on the bible that i will speak the truth. >> first this morning, the actress. mia farrow said she sought nmi campbell at breakfast the next morning, that she seemed excited about a gift she had received during the night. >> she said during the night she had been awakened. some men were knocking at the door. and they had been sent by charles taylor, and they
. my name is mike embley. coming up later for you -- are these paris bees fairing better than their country cousins? could it be because they have a better view? >> there is no question about it. >> and from the source and to the sea. the first man to track the entire length of the amazon river. it has taken 859 days. hello to you. the war crimes trial of the former liberian president charles taylor took another dramatic turn after evidence was given by naomi campbell. it was flatly contradicted by two witnesses. no pharaoh and naomi campbell's former -- mia farrow and naomi campbell's former agent. >> what happened 13 years ago? is there evidence that proof charles taylor was treating it illegal diamonds for weapons? >> and solemnly swear on the bible that i was betrayed. >> first, the actress. mia farrow said she saw naomi campbell the next morning. ms. campbell seemed excited about a gift she had received during the night. >> she said that in the night she had been awakened. some men were knocking at the door. they had been sent by charles taylor, and they were giving her -
at sports on "early today." i'm fred roggin. >>> well, paris hilton's cocaine defense is almost as bad as the dog ate my homework. your early morning entertainment headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, we've all seen happy reunion with soldiers returning home from the front lines. we'll bet you've never seen one like the one we have coming up. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back on this tuesday morning. time to break down your forecast for you so you can get ready to prepare for your day today. rain will be moving in with a storm system in the pacific northwest. cool and chilly in seattle. only 62. 66 in portland with the same forecast of showers and wet weather. down in arizona, also through areas of nevada and back to palm springs, vegas to l.a., san diego, sunny and nice. san francisco you're somewhere in between, 74, partly cloudy. look at this picture. if you're watching on kntv in california's bay area, genghis chan. the leader, both brutal and brilliant. that's your pacific event of the day, veronica. >>> speaking of our friends in the bay area, i was just there th
a look at the mug shot. the latest from socialite paris hilton. she gets arrested for having something illegal in her purse. you're watching news4 at 4:00. 3q what's up ? ugh. my feet are killin' me. you should get some custom fit orthotics. dr. scholl's custom fit orthotic center. it recommends the custom fit orthotic that's best for your feet. and footcare scientists are behind it. you'll get immediate comfort... ... and, you could save a couple hundred bucks. for locations see oh no, no! i just parked here a second ago! give me a break, will you? (announcer) dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles with two different gels for softness and support... ...are outrageously comfortable. ...on second thought, i think i'll walk... (announcer) are you gellin'? dr. scholl's >>> the stocks took another tumble as investors couldn't seem to shake fears about the economic recovery. the dow finished just above the 10,000 level with a 141-point drop. the nasdaq fell 34 points and the s&p 500 was down 16. president obama is back from vacation today and facing a very busy week. today, he kic
's your early look at sports on "early today." i'm fred roggin. >>> well, paris hilton's cocaine defense is almost as bad as the dog ate my homework. the early morning entertainment headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, we've all seen happy reunion with soldiers returning home from the front lines. but we've never seen one like the one we have coming up. you're watching "early today." >>> welcome back on this tuesday morning. here's a look at the path of hurricane earl acoucording to o computer model. the hurricane is bigger than the narrow line. but it shows that most of the tracks are off the north carolina coast. one of them does bring it up here in to maine and clips cape cod. so it's still a very close call for a lot of coastal areas, regardless, we do expect some problems there near the shoreline. so we'll watch it. as far as your forecast, it looks pretty dry. if you're watching us on 10 on inn providence rhode island, what about fun and stretching under the moon for a good cause. full moon yoga for charity at the garden center gazebo in cranston. that's the early morning event
. >>> plus, this time paris hilton is really in big trouble with the law. >>> coming up, the most drawn out home run celebration you'll ever see and which team is taking a chance on manny ramirez. you're watching "early today." >>> coming up, the most drum up >>> good morning. welcome back to "early today." i'm thomas roberts. here's some of your top headlines this morning. as the u.s. draws down its presence in iraq, new reports show more than $5 billion in american tax dollars, more than 10% of what the u.s. has spent on reconstruction in iraq, has gone to waste on unused or unfinished building projects. the man in charge of the reconstruction program in iraq, led by the army corps of engineers acknowledged mistakes but says success ultimately lies in the hands of the iraqi citizens. >>> in chile, 33 trapped miners got reassurance from the voices of loved ones for the first time in nearly a month. each miner was allowed one minute to sfoe a family member over a radio connection yesterday. the miners have been trapped underground since august 5th. >>> some 12,000 north sumatran residents h
luther king's vision for america. >>> plus, busted in sin city, paris hilton arrested again. >>> and must-see tv. new video from the "titanic." how could these striking images help solve the mystery of the unsinkable? >>> good morning, everyone, welcome to "msnbc saturday," i'm alex whit, it's 9:00 on the east coast, 6:00 a.m. out west. let's get to what's happening right now. we head to washington and developing now the competing rallies near the capitol on this, the 47th anniversary of the famous march on washington. and the reverend dr. martin luther king jr.'s game-changing "i have a dream" speech. this morning civil rights leaders will kick off a full day of events commemorating the march. but at the site of the iconic speech, tens of thousands of tea partiers are expected to attend a conservative rally dubbed "restoring honor." nbc news contributor richard wolffe live in washington, d.c. where the civil rights members are gathering right now. and live at the lincoln memorial. and with a good morning to you both, domenico, i'm going to start with you. this restoring honor event, it i
his take in just a couple of minutes. >> from fiona to paris. paris hilton is in trouble again. this time arrested for cocaine possession in las vegas. so the question now is could she now do some serious time? >>> and also this morning a tragedy averted in new york city when a fast-thinking subway driver stopped his train just in time to avoid hitting a woman who had fallen onto the tracks. he's going to tell us about that frightening ordeal. >> let us begin on a monday morning with the dangerous storms out in the atlantic. we'll get al's forecast in a moment. first, let's turn to nbc's kerry sanders who just happens to be aboard a research ship mapping images of the wreck of the "titanic." that project is on hold as the ship steers clear of hurricane danielle. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, matt. we're shrouded in fog this morning in the north atlantic and we have about ten miles to get ahead of the storms which have already caused serious problems on the east coast. up and down the east coast dangerous rough surf slams the beaches. >> the waves are big. >> r
. >>> breaking news overnight. paris hilton is arrested and charged in las vegas with possession of cocaine. what does this latest godbout with the law mean for the troubled heiress. >>> five years after katrina. a city of pain, survival, persistence and hope for recovery early this saturday persistence and hope for recovery early this saturday morning, august 28th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs >>> hi, everyone, welcome to the early show. i'm chris wragge. >> good morning. i'm erica hill. >> of course we will go to washington for a little preview of today's big glenn beck rally. and paris hilton busted for cocaine in las vegas. a report on that as well. >> first we head to new orleans where dave price is standing by. of course it's the five-year anniversary of hurricane katrina. dave, good morning. >> good morning to both of you. it's hard to believe it has been five years. there's a clear line of demarkation here, not only in the landscape of new orleans and the gulf coast but in the lives of the people who live here. there is life before katrina and life after. we'll look back and we'll exami
cared. >>> paris hilton claims her boyfriend saved her -- her life. what is the scoop on that one? >> reporter: okay, you remember the other morning when that intruder came up to her house and was banging on the window? apparently her boyfriend was with her that night and in the morning when the guy started banking and so he went downstairs and grabbed a gun, went outside and confronted the intruder, got the guy to lay on the ground and get rid of his knives and held him until cops showed up to arrest him. we're hearing he's the hero in this whole situation and i guess who would be a good person to have in her life. >> they caught the guy back there with the weapon? >> caught him. >> he burglarized and strandized another property and went to paris' house. >> this was not a stalker going after paris? >> i don't think so. >>> michael jackson now. the two old of the kids no longer being homeschooled. where are they going to school and what about the youngest? >> this is a big deal but they entered a new school, the buckley school in the san fernando valley and this has so many rich
the weather channel. >>> under arrest, paris hilton busted on a drug charge in las vegas. >>> fiery tornado, crews capture picture of a tornado inside a big brush fire. >>> plus a day of rallies as america marks the anniversary of martin luther king jr.'s "i have a dream" speech. >>> good morning, i'm alex whit, welcome to "msnbc saturday." we have a triple threat from the tropics. three storm systems churning in the atlantic. hurricane danielle now weakened to a category two strength storm early this morning. it is expected, though, to deliver powerful surf and rip currents all along the eastern sea board. behind it, tropical storm earl and a developing storm that could soon become fionna, that's gaining strength. for more on all of this, let's go to bill karins. >> well, good morning to you, alex. we're headed for the peak of the season. we have two storms and one behind it that could become a storm later this week. let's start with danielle first. this was a category four monster hurricane yesterday. it's weakened overnight, now down to a category two. and look the to the upper left of y
under ground. plus, poor paris hilton. the hotel heiress arrested again. tonight, how the cops caught her and why her lawyer insirses we haven't heard the whole story. first from fox this monday night, a warning to all people on the east coast from the carolinas all the way up to maine. get ready for the possibility of major flooding, mass evacuations and the potential for chaos in america's most populace city. hurricane earle is now a major category 4 storm, as strong as hugo was when it devastated parts of north carolina. and the national hurricane center has just issued another update on earl, and it reports the storm has maximum sustained winds of 135 miles an hour with higher gusts. somebody shot this home video hours ago in puerto rico. you can see the wind and rain already making driving a little more difficult there. and forecasters say it will get worse even though they are not getting a direct hit. the national hurricane center's track of it storm has it headed directly toward the carolinas and then turning north. skirting the eastern seaboard. meteorologists say there is no
, but cannot join the organization, she is debt-free. >>> coming up, paris hilton arrested. why she is in trouble tonight. and fidel castro alleges that osama bin laden is secretly working for the united states. and what began as a search for the supranatural turns deadly. >>> former cuban leader fidel castro is stirring up controversy, claiming that a summer that laden is an american spy. -- saying that osama bin laden is an american spy. the dictator says he is basing his claims on documents posted on wikileaks, the same website that published classified documents from the afghanistan war. >>> in two weeks, the ninth anniversary of the september 11 attacks. workers began planting trees at a memorial site to honor the victims killed in the attacks. overall, more than 400 trees will be part of the memorial. >>> west virginia governor joe manchin is celebrating a big primary victory tonight. he easily won the nomination for u.s. senate. he will face the republican primary member. the winner of the rights will permanently fill the seat vacated by the death of senator robert byrd. >>>
. still ahead, las vegas police tonight releasing new information about paris hilton's arrest on cocaine charges. yes, that is her mug shot. >>> also, crank up the a.c., ladies and gentlemen. it's heating up. because of one word, imagination and reality have merged. because of one word, a new generation-- a fifth generation-- of fighter aircraft has been born. because of one word, america's air dominance for the next forty years is assured. that one word... is how. [ male announcer ] new inventory. ♪ new equipment. new trucks. new hires. ♪ new space. ♪ new markets. achievement seizes new opportunity. go to to see how we can help your cash flow situation. pnc. for the achiever in us all. >>> a judge has ordered a chicago woman to stay away from leonardo dekicaprio. 41-year-old woman that claims to be the actor's wife. she also claims that she's carrying his child who she says is jesus. dicaprio was granted that restraining order after telling the court that the woman tried to make physical contact with him repeatedly. she's actually traveled to l.a. twice to tr
. >>> plus, paris hilton gets a scare from a knife-wielding would-be intruder. >>> a marathon in philadelphia. baseball's commissioner is immortalized, and when it comes to the wife, she knows everything, right? you're watching "early today." >>> good morning. welcome back to "early toid. i'm lynn berry and here are some of your top headlines this morning. >>> the whistle-blowing website wikileaks said it will publish more documents today, according to its twitter page. this despite a pentagon warning that such a release would risk even more lives beyond its initial publication of 76,000 secret afghan war papers. >>> obama administration officials are planning to appeal this week's federal court decision temporarily barring federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. a federal judge had ruled that the research involves the destruction of embryos, which congress has outlawed. the head of the national institute of health says he's stunned by the decision. >>> there may be evidence that adolf hitler had jewish and african roots. a belgian magazine reports that dna tests of the nazi leader's
to say good-bye to summer as more students head back to college. . >>> also new trouble for paris hilton. what she is a accused of this time. we are back in a minute. . >>> paris hilton in trouble with the law again. the 29-year-old was a passenger in a cadillac that was pulled over by las vegas police last night. police say a motorcycle officer smelled marijuana coming the vehicle. officers searched the car and found the substance in hilton's purse that was determined to be cocaine. she was arrested on suspicious of cocaine possession. early this morning she posted bail. >>> salt lake city man found dead. police trying to determine how he died. police say they found the 22- year-old eric wright in an alley. rescue workers were called to the scene but found the utah man unresponsive. he was pronounced dead at the scene. an autopsy will be preformed. >>> if you are heading to the eastern shore or atlantic coast be prepared for delays. crews resurfacing the road on route 50 beginning near the beltway for a nine mile stretch. the work could last through monday morning we are told. >>> in vi
by using screw tops. in this shop in paris, there are relatively few bottles with a screw tops like this one. they are becoming more common, even here where traditions die hard. most of the world wine experts agreed screw tops are the way forward. >> there will always be a market for wind whipped up court -- wine with a cork. you want the cork to allow that little bit of air in there, to allow them to age. we firmly believe screw caps are the way to go for fresh, drinking wines. >> but many wine experts are sticking to their corks. >> definitely in terms of sensation of the wind, i think the -- wine, i think the cork is preferable to the twist top or the glass. >> the cork industry may soon face drastic cuts. bbc news, paris. >> it just finally for you, authorities at bangkok's international airport got a surprise when they found drugs hidden in a suitcase. it was found in the luggage of old woman. but toy tiger had been packed in the bag. the woman was arrested before she boarded her flight. the tiger has gone to a wildlife conservation center in bangkok. the u.s. federal reserve i
, a big meat recall. also paris has been busted again. what she's accused of doing in las vegas. plus, police just released her mug shot. >>> a man of the cloth soon to become another tip of father. how a priest was busted with a pregnant teenager. >>> plus a vacation disaster. how 100 people got sick at this resort swimming pool coming up. >>> it's navy week in baltimore. i'm andrea fujii. i'll tell you how to get up close and personal with the naval ships on wjz "eyewitness news." >>> after a beautiful stretch of weather, the heat is on its way back to maryland. i'll have the complete forecast after the break. ,,,,,, >>> just to let you know of a big recall right now. a meat company is recalling 8500 pounds of contaminated ground beef and some of it has been sold in maryland. the usda says the meat could be contaminated with e. coli. officials say that the ground beef has been repackaged and being sold under different brands. they still haven't been named. the packages have a use by or freeze by date of july 1st 2010. two e. coli related illnesses have been report in maine and
. >>> paris hilton in trouble again this weekend. what happened to her. that story next. >>> and we were just a whisper away from 90 here in washington. 84 what we should be this time of the year. the wake up weather calling for another good start for the day. temperatures in to the 60s. through the 70s very quickly. all the rest of the forecast talking about heat, hurricanes, everything you need to know with the outlook. . >>> paris hilton in trouble with the law. thearchy was a passenger in a cadillac and was pulled over by las vegas police last night. police say a motorcycle officer smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle. officers searched it and found the substance that was determined to be cocaine. she was arrested on suspicious of cocaine possession. she posted bail a short time later. >>> new information about that salt lake city man found dead in northwest washington alley. the 22-year-old eric wright was not a tourist but was working here in the area. his body was found lying in the all, y around two this morning. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police don't suspect foul play
paris on telegraph hill, is here today and you can meet here. also we have arts and crafts. you can make a commemorative coit tower button. there is food in the back. all that is located in the southern part of the tower overlooking lily's lawn, and there's also information including the san francisco parks trust, ms. karen kid wel, who is right there, generously loan -- donated as part of being a diamond jubilee committee member. i'd like now to introduce mr. nick rause, san francisco native, saxophonist, who's requesting to perform "i left my heart in san francisco." ♪ ♪ [applause] >> there has been an acknowledgement of the special places around san francisco bay. well, there is something sort of innate in human beings, i think, that tend to recognize a good spot when you see it, a spot that takes your breath away. this is one of them. >> an icon of the new deal. >> we stood here a week ago and we heard all of these dignitaries talk about the symbol that coit tower is for san francisco. it's interesting for those of us in the pioneer park project is trying to make the point that
candidly of traveling in europe a little bit. when i was younger, going to paris. i was on my way to meet the mayor, and i marked my expression of appreciation, and he said that he stole all the ideas from paris. and i was there many years ago, and i came back thinking the same thing. why do we have all these chain- link fences? why don't we create a discipline around the different aesthetic for our city? it took almost a decade. it did not happen overnight, but it took years and years of a disciplined effort. when changes were made, they were made with a basis and an understanding that there needed to be a certain aesthetic. it was not about costing more money. it was not about being so close. it was not about being -- sort of getting away from the core values, and the core functions of government. from his perspective, it was the core function of government. i remember this conversation so vividly. he said that in the 21st century, cities will be competing with cities, and he was absolutely right. this was years ago. it will not be states competing with states or nations with nations. t
the magic of... on sunday mornings when i'm in paris, you're likely to find me here... [ pipe organ playing ] the saint sulpice church with its magnificent pipe organ. for organ lovers, a visit here is a pilgrimage. after mass, organ enthusiasts from around the world scamper like sixteenth notes up the spiral stairs into a world of 7,000 pipes. before electricity, it took three men working out on these 18th-century stairmasters to fill the bellows which powered the organ. the current organist, daniel roth, carries on the tradition of welcoming guests into the loft to enjoy his performance. a commotion of music-lovers crowd around a tower of five keyboards below a forest of pipes. saint sulpice has a rich history with a line of 12 world-class organists going back over 200 years. like kings or presidents, the lineage is charted on the wall. and overseeing all this: johann sebastian bach. [ pipe organ playing ] this music continues to fill the spiritual sails of saint sulpice as it has for centuries, and it's just another reason i consider paris the cultural capitol of europe.
to than their mates. your early-morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, paris hilton gets a scare from a knife-wielding would-be intruder. >>> a marathon in philadelphia. baseball's commissioner is immortalized, and when it comes to the wife, she knows everything, right? everything, right. you're watching "early today." y" >>> good morning. welcome back to "early today." i'm lynn berry and here are some of your top headlines this morning. >>> former president jimmy carter arrived in the north korean capital to begin his attempt to win freedom for an american sentenced to eight years in prison for entering the communist country illegally in january. >>> wicki leak says it will publish more documents according to its twitter page, this despite a pentagon warning that such a release would risk more lives beyond the publication of 76,000 war papers. >>> there may be evidence that adolf hitler had jewish and african roots. a belgian magazine reports that dna tests of the nazi leader's relatives turned up a chromosome commonly found in africans as well as jews. the article's aut
? hear her answer coming up. >>> first, the explanation that paris hilton gave to police pol after her arrest. for cocaine possession. this droid has evolved to do even more. now it integrates your work e-mail, so you can be hooked up to everything you need to do. now it does 1 ghz speed on a more intuitive keyboard. turning you into an instrument of efficiency. introducing the new droid 2 by motorola. part of the next generation of does. >>> as we said, attorney is the last day of the legislative session and likely the day when lawmakers will vote on banning plastic bags. if the law passes supermarkets and convenience store customers will have to bring their own bags or pay for them from recycled paper. they have made this change to overcome republican objections including adding money to train employees who lose their jobs because the bag ban. also, recycled paper bags would be free to low income customers. >>> it wasn't my purse. that's the claim from paris hilton days after las vegas police arrested her on suspicion of cocaine possession. the he ha she claimed she borrowed the purs
of the city. it happened on the 4100 block of paris avenue. the man tried to fight off his attacker when he was shot in the chest and back. --. he was rushed to the hospital where he died. no word on a possible motive. the motions all dealt with dna and surveillance video. barry simms joins us live at court how -- or has ease with an update. >> one motion does involve surveillance video. also what a security officer says he sought in the tape. >> the defense raised more questions about dna evidence and surveillance that they have obtained to charge these two men with the september 2008 murder of baltimore city councilman kevin harris. they argue that police did not follow the law and the arresting williams for robbery and used his dna in the investigation of the robbery. >> that case he was arrested for in the january 5th, 2009. his dna was tested well before you is brought to our agreement. simply put, the state did not complete -- comply with the statutes. >> he and the lounge owner walked out the front door and he was ambushed. you shot in the upper back. he then crashed. the judge heard
while trying to stop a shoplifter and paris hilton busted again. what she was arrested for this time. >> julie: we begin tonight and back to business as president obama wraps up it's vacation on martha's vineyard and returns to a growing mound of issues. president delivering a speech on iraq from the oval office. he is going to be preparing that speech for tuesday. in his weekly address he says the u.s. troop drawdown is a fulfillment of a campaign promise. >> the bottom line is this -- the war is ending. like any sovereign independent nation, iraq is free to chart its own course. by the end of next year, all of our troops will be home. >> julie: this as the president is set to arrive in new orleans tomorrow marking five years since katrina pummels the gulf coast. all that a taste of what is on his plate in the coming days. major garrett is live tonight. what is going on with the security situation in iraq? >> reporter: good evening. as we wrap up his ten day vacation, what quick note. the first family spent six hours on a private beach just a few miles away from here. and iraq, he i
of electronic devices is draining your brain. >>> drug bust. paris hilton arrested on a cocaine charge in las vegas. good morning, welcome to "msnbc saturday." we have hurricane season in high gear. hurricane danielle is turning back out to sea but a line of storm systems are brewing right behind it. tropical storm earl could strengthen to a hurricane by tomorrow and two waves could develop into depressions. let's go to bill karins and we're in the thick of it. good morning. >> good morning. things have changed since yesterday. we knew all along danielle, this big monster hurricane wasn't going to affect the east coast directly. it was earl that was supposed to follow her out to sea, all of a sudden the forecast is changing. we can thank the beautiful air mass and the cold front moved through the east front. this morning was gorgeous from the carolinas to maine, this will take danielle out to sea. this is such a big powerful storm, 135-mile-per-hour winds at one point. there are rip current and large waves heading to the coast. the surfers are thrilled. now, as far as the forecast of that sto
roma left paris for romania last friday. the flights have been there for years. and services slowly destroyed in st. petersburg. a substation failure was the problem, and lights were back on after about 2.5 hours. traffic chaos as lights went out throughout the city. mass transit came to a stop and water was cut off as well. back with an in-depth lok. -- look. >> welcome back. the new season kicks off friday. historic for fans around the world regarding one of the premiere soccer leagues. plenty of surprises promised, as well as on play. homegrown talent this year. the growing appeal. >> he switched to hamburg in january. >> no player sold as many shirts in such a short time. he is a major addition on the field. germany can produce homegrown stars, like at the world cup in south africa. the big european clubs have taken notice. moved now to real madrid. it's a club, an aura, a legend. in munich. >> back in munich. great things also expected from the defender. >> and there will be more with stars returning to the l eague. >> a jump of more than 10% in the sales of broadcast rights to
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to the slammer. paris hilton behind bars in vegas. we'll tell you what she's in for just ahead. >>> and this weekend marks the five-year anniversary of hurricane katrina. how far the gulf coast region has come and how far it still needs to go. still ahead. >>> good morning to you. take a live look at the bay bridge. cool and breezy, showers to start. probably not enough to dampen the spirits of the folks heading to the oakland food festival. we'll tell you where you can get goodies for cheap and good cause. >>> in the five years since katrina hit the gulf coast, untold number of promises and plans made to the city of new orleans. everything from luxury hotels and high rises to new housing developments. how many of those promises have actually come through? nbc's scott cohn takes a look at where those plans stand today, five years later. >> reporter: the big promises came early. the work that has begun in the gulf coast region will be one of the largest reconstruction efforts the world has ever seen. >> reporter: and they came often. >> i'm pleased to announce that trump interna
. bernard paris gathered inside the church where they had more of their loved ones killed in a storm-the devastating aftermath. >> today we come together to bury katrina. in >> side as a border casket is the memories of what could turn a tip from them five years ago. their homes their loved ones and for a while even hope. >> katrina's but in moving forward if we carry with us the guests that have been offered. these experiences that we have been stored have made us better. >> in the lore 94, the celebrated in the street and tumor nor lean sorrow. . not everyone is back. but the view from always front porch, >> so glad that we came home. i hope we don't have another one. >> a concern neighbors want to make sure president barack obama understands. >> don't forget about the people, that can help themselves. was katrina and we made a lot of mistakes. >> hurricane katrina left its mark on your list. love the city say they are divided by something else resilience. after five years, the sights and city of the office reborn are everywhere. in norland science and math that pays kron4 news. >>
into the house of paris hilton. >> and when a pregnant woman said the lightning could af >> it during pregnancy, a woman makes every effort to make sure her baby is healthy. >> tonight, a warning about health issue that could mean a life or death for unborn children. >> when she became pregnant, doctor recommended a dental checkup. >> i went to the dead as the major rating was ok. >> the idea of visiting a dentist while pregnant was scary. >> i got pregnant and i knew, about three months later i should've gone but i didn't. >> she opted to skip the dentist all nine months of pregnancy. >> a recent study is prompting dentist to warn pregnant women about the possible consequences to their babies by making that choice. the study reports the first document link between a mother with pregnancy associate gum disease to the death of her 39- week fetus. the woman delivered a stillborn baby. researchers discovered the bacterium found in the babies infected lungs and stomach matched the bacteria found in the mother's mouth. >> this is the first time it has been shown cause and effect -- the mother had an
in france are banking on the american economy to boost the number of tourists traveling to paris. 20% fewer americans are visiting paris. paris forecast tourists will improve about 20% this year. >>> for two hours today, anyone who brought a lightbulb to any kipton hotel got an energy saving bulb for free. the give away was to celebrate the news that kipton hotels have been awarded the green seal silver certification. mayor gavin newsom was on hand at the drake hotel to proclaim it kipton day in san francisco. >> i appreciate intimately the welcome you are doing because that's the work we are doing here in san francisco. >> it's restaurant serve sustainably grown food and wine. >>> ktvu news at 6:00 is next. did a san francisco couple take advantage of their son's condition to make money off the school district? >>> plus. >> reporter: women who made aviation history were honored today. including one woman from a south bay family who has two generations of history makers. that's coming up in just minutes on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. south of laredo, there's a place... so hot, rattlesnakes
. >> all right, i want to turn now to paris hilton, this latest cocaine arrest. >> paris, paris, paris, i think she's collecting mug shots. >> she looks pretty good in those mug shots. >> she does. she was busted for suspicion of cocaine possession on friday night, was riding with her boyfriend, police smelled marijuana in the car, paris said, hey, i want to go to the bathroom, pulls out some lip gloss and out falls some cocaine. >> she allegedly said this was not my purse, but now she's saying, it was my purse, but it wasn't her cocaine. >> she said it's not my purse, but now she's saying maybe it was my purse. and they found an anti-asthmatic medication and some polling papers that you use to roll marijuana. >> sandra bullock obviously went through a hard time with jesse james. he says her adoption has been finalized. she's also helping rebuild a school in new orleans. >> it's nice she's using the fact that everyone wanted to talk to her to do some good here. >> she's saying, fine, do you want to focus on my ex-husband's infideli infidelity, i'm going to focus on rebuilding new orleans.
. >>> then paris hilton, the socialite who's famous for being famous, was booked on possession of cocaine on friday night. not the first time. coming up, a look at hilton's past and find out what this new charge could mean for her. >>> then also one word for you -- emmys. it says it all. tonight the 67th annual emmy awards will air on nbc news. what can we expect from tv's biggest night? we're going to tell you in just a little bit. >>> but first we've got some special guests here. they're taking the humble pogo stick to a level never imagined when we were kids. dan mahoney, earl hote were among the winners at pogopalooza seven, the championship last weekend in salt lake city. nick ryan was the event organizer. welcome, terrific to have you here. >> thanks a lot. >> nick, what of your specialty? >> i'm nick. >> i'm sorry, nick, explain to me what this of all about. >> pogopalooza 7 was the largest annual extreme competition of pogo sticking. once a year all the top pogo stick athletes from across the world come to one u.s. city and compete. >> is this the kind of thing you started -- were you guys
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